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Creativity center in Haapsalu
Unique Cultural Space of Läänemaa!

Haapsalu and Läänemaa are famous by its particularly inspiring environment and exciting cultural space, displaying different eras. Several well-known artists, musicians, writers and film makers have their base here. Their list gets longer and longer year by year.

Our dream is to create an unique cultural environment, which would nourish inspiration and dedication, support creative processes by its particularly well-suited conditions so that one could concentrate undisturbed on his or her art. This environment would be inhabited by exciting creative types, who, by his or her activities, would add something unique to the environment.

To help along those processes and to develop an environment where creative processes could flourish, we have established NPO Loomekeskus (Creativity Center). Its main tasks are:
  • Rich cultural district and quality-orientated center for creativity - high concentration of culturally active persons, favourable conditions. Possibilities to participate, strong connections to the area, focus on values.
  • Helping artists into trading and supporting them in the areas where their knowledge is insufficient (marketing, product development, sales, etc)
  • Novel subject matters and solutions, cross-over and touch points of different art styles and techniques

Work in progress:

  • collecting contact info, mapping and displaying artists of the area
  • creating info- and partnership network of the artists
  • Developing common marketing and system of support services for the artists
  • Preserving of existing culture ( Collection of artists of Läänemaa, building an storage room for Kunstivara NPO)
  • ensuring the growth of the number of artists in the area (summer 2009: project for appreciating city space- Jaan Toomik, Erik Alaloo, and Estonian Academy of Arts in collaboration with Martin Zet, Johannes Deimling, Eero Yli Vakkur, Vahur Laiapea, Marko Raat, Neeme Külm, Paul Rodgers, Jüri Ojaver and 7 students)
  • creating novel solutions and qualities by combining different subject fields (summer 2009. project Audiovision - exhibition of world of sounds by musician Peeter Rebane)
  • Creating favourable conditions for making art, developing the network of open studios and studios for rent
  • Establishing the house for the Center for Creativity

House of the Creativity Center
Jaani street 2 in Haapsalu

Its purpose:
Creative center which is place for meeting people, art gallery, providing internet access and contains open studious, studious for rent, workshops, conference-hall, concert-hall and Storage room for Kunstivara NPO.
Next to the ports of the main attraction of Haapsalu - the old majestic castle- stands old pharmacy building. This is an ensemble of buildings surrounding the inner yard, forming a perfect tour route for those who are interested in the world of art. It invites you to participate in its workshops, provides a place for organizing concerts and seminars, and is both a gallery and a shop.

Twelve rental studious on the 1st floor provide a place for living and working. The inner yard, covered by glass roof is also a concert-hall. Also you find a collection of sculptures by artist of Läänemaa, museum of internationally known estonian, Haapsalu-born artist Jaan Toomik and handcraft collection representing the craftsmanship of local area. And last but not least - thematic exhibitions. The center is providing both information and general outlines of artists of Läänemaa.   Jaani 2

The house is unique by it architecture - both its outside facade and inside rooms have preserved a touch of previous times. This is combined with modern architecture in the inner yard and the backside of the house. Idea was provided by Jaan Toomik and Peeter Pere. Their goal is to come up with a solution which would become internationally known.

Tourist information office. Neither city´s main square nor the main attraction, the Haapsalu Castle, provide us with a warm and cosy meeting point, where there would be room for a group of people. The gallery, shop and info-cafe of the Center for Creativity is going to solve this problem. It becomes a meeting point for tourists and offers its services by introducing and selling the products of artists.

Center for environment-friendly energy. The house which supports art and artists has to run on a low budget. That means the cost of energy has to be minimum. Only in that way are we able to provide artists with sensible prices for renting a gallery, rental studio or open studio. The house itself is the best example for how to economize the energy and it demonstrates modern technology. On the walls of open studious there is possible to see which kind of energy is being used at the moment in the house on Jaani street nr 2.

NPO Loomekeskus (Creativity Center)
Haapsalu Town Government
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